Floor and staircase maintenance products, including finishing products.

4.7/5 star rating
4.7/5 star rating

Maintenance products

For a brilliant floor, every time.

Keep the splendour of your hardwood, engineered or SPC flooring while using efficient and ecological products. Our favourite brands are Finitec, Permaclean, Permalustre and Wickham. See our offers in store.

Stains and varnishes

A finish that dries quickly.

Work easily with versatile, odourless, water-based products that will give a sheer, crystal-clear finish. There are several finish and colour options in store.

Wood glues

A project that lasts.

Woodworking glue, wood glue, floor glue, PL glue, adhesive... in short, everything to hold your projects together. They’re easy to use, odourless and dry quickly, even in damp places. Come and test some out in our store.


Extend the life of your wood.

Whether it is to protect a work surface or your floor, benefit from high-performance oil for a professional-quality finish that is easy to apply. Anyone can use it! Our favourite brands are Livos, Preverco, and Wickham.

Essential accessories

Maximum efficiency.

Wood putty, wax crayons, varnish applicator, stain applicator pad, glue injection syringe, adhesive cleaning wipe. We even have anti-slip strips for the stairs. Extensive inventory in store.

List of our products by category

Maintenance products

  • Finitec floor cleaner 700 ML
  • Finitec floor cleaner 3.78 ML
  • Permabois floor cleaner 1L
  • Permabois floor protector 1L
  • Wickham Oiled Floor Soap 946 ML
  • Finitec cleaner kit
  • Finitec charging case
  • Adhesive cleaning wipes 6’’ X 8’’ QTY 60

Stains and varnishes

  • Homemade stain 250ML
  • Homemade stain 500ML
  • Homemade stain 1 L
  • Homemade stain 4 L
  • Finitec 6000 varnish 1L 
  • Finitec 6000 varnish 3.64L
  • Finitec Synergie varnish 3.64L
  • Finitec surface preparer 1L
  • Prélak laquer (in can) 369G

Wood glue and putty

  • Finitec wood floor glue
  • PL Premium adhesive glue
  • Silane-modified polymer adhesive for flooring 858mL
  • Saman wood putty 200g


  • Preverco synthetic oil 250ML
  • Preverco synthetic oil 1L
  • Wickham floor oil 250ML
  • Wickham floor oil 1L
  • Livos 70ML worktop oil
  • Livos 250ML worktop oil

Essential accessories

  • Finitec applicator 6”
  • Finitec applicator 10”
  • Finitec applicator refill 6”
  • Finitec applicator refill 10”
  • Stain applicator pad
  • Varnish colouring – Colour: Honey and Red 115ML
  • Floor glue injection syringe
  • Polishing pad
  • Staircase adhesive tape
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Frequently-asked questions

The experts at Bois Franc Rive-Sud always offer ecological products with low VOC (volatile organic compounds), requiring no rinsing and having no extended drying period.

Varnished, oiled, laminated and vinyl hardwood/engineered floors: Finitec, ecological product and made in Canada.

Synthetic oiled hardwood floors: oiled wood soap from Wickham Flooring.

Naturally-oiled engineered wood floors: Oiled floor soap from Permabois Floors.

Our experts recommend dusting your floor once or twice a week to preserve its original appearance for as long as possible.

It’s recommended to thoroughly wash your floor about once a month with a cleaning product designed for this purpose. Avoid pouring the product directly on the floor to avoid damaging it, but rather spray it directly on a dust mop. It’s best to use reusable, machine-washable mops.

It is recommended to apply a minimum of 2 coats of varnish to your floor. However, our experts advise applying 3 coats for optimal adhesion and protection.

Yes and no! There are 2 ways to do this: you can varnish a floor that has been oiled beforehand. However, it’s important to note that oil and varnish are two different types of finishes, and they can interact in unpredictable ways. Here are our tips:

NO. If the floor has been oiled with natural oil and the process causes the wood fibres to absorb the oil, then it’s impossible to varnish the floor, even with adequate sanding. The varnish will peel quite quickly since the two finishes are not compatible during this oil application.

YES. If your floor has been factory-oiled with UV technology and the manufacturer’s process ensures that the oil remains on the surface of the wood, then it would be possible to sand your floor and then apply a varnish. The important thing is to sand adequately in order to then apply a varnish finish.

Step 1: Vacuum all over to leave no dust residue.

Step 2: Pour a small amount of Finitec surface preparation on your floor.

Step 3: Sand your floor in the direction of the wood grain.

Step 4: Apply 3 to 4 coats of Finitec Synergy varnish.

Step 1: Clean your steps/stairs.

Step 2: Strip your stairs. Using a brush, apply the stripper to your steps, leave to act for 5 minutes and then scrape it off with a plastic scraper to avoid damaging your steps.

Step 3: Cover all imperfections. For cracks, we recommend using wood putty. For the holes, our experts use “flush plugs” (wooden washers of the same species).

Step 4: Sand your steps. To do this, you can use an orbital sander to help you pass over flat surfaces in a back-and-forth motion following the wood grain. For the sanding of the corners, we recommend using a triangular sander in order to reach any areas that are inaccessible with an orbital sander. Regarding the sanding grit, we recommend that you first sand using 120-grit sandpaper, followed by 150 grit for an optimal finish.

Step 5: Vacuum everywhere to remove all dust residue.

Step 6: Apply 1 coat of stain using a stain sponge and 2-3 coats of water-based varnish in the finish of your choice using a sponge provided for this purpose or a cloth.

Lastly, place the rags and the sponge into a bucket filled with water to avoid combustion.