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4.7/5 star rating
4.7/5 star rating

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We are a distributor of hardwood flooring in Québec, including the most recognized manufacturers, such as Préverco flooring and Wickham hardwood flooring. We also distribute SPC floating flooring brands like Goodfellow and BMB 1867.

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Frequently asked questions

The difference between these two floors is not the appearance—but the substrates used. Solid wood is a 100% piece of wood, while engineered wood is made up of a softwood slat substrate glued in the opposite direction to the exposed part of the floor, which gives it its flexibility. What makes the difference between solid and engineered is also the installation and the width of the boards. Solid floor: Installation with vapor barrier and nailed on subfloor, plank width ranging from 2 1/4 ” to 4 1⁄4 ” recommended. Engineered flooring: Installation on subfloor or concrete, stapling and gluing assist, Plank ranging from 4 3/8” to just 7 1⁄2”.

SPC flooring is made of compressed stone dust which is much more durable and resistant than the typical floating floor. Because of its composition, SPC is said to be the best waterproof, scratch-proof and pet-proof floor. A standard floating floor is made of MDF covered with a plastic film with a photo of hardwood, and if exposed to water, the floor is immediately affected and must be changed since the MDF will swell and will be unrecoverable, the floor will have to be replaced. While the SPC floor, by nature, is water-repellent, so in the event of water damage, all you have to do is remove the floor and dry the affected surfaces and the floor and then reinstall it.

The most durable type of wood will depend on your needs. True, maple is a very hard wood and red oak a little less so, but that’s only a perspective. Maple is more uniform and doesn’t have a texture like red/white oak or ash, which is all of its character with their visible wood grain. The textured wood grain ensures that our eye is not drawn to the inspection on our floor. Aside from the hardness of each wood. You can also rely on the finish applied: the flatter the varnish, the less obvious the imperfections will be. Daylight does not reflect as much as on a satin or semi-gloss floor. In addition, there are finishes with textures on certain types of wood, such as the Brushed and Open Grain finish, which makes the wood resistant to wear and marking.

It’s best to dust your floor once or twice a week to preserve its original appearance for as long as possible. It’s also recommended to thoroughly wash your floor about once a month with a cleaning product designed for this purpose. Avoid pouring the product directly on the floor to avoid damaging it, but rather spray it directly on a dust mop. It’s best to use reusable, machine-washable mops.