4.7/5 star rating
4.7/5 star rating
Specializing in very high-quality hardwood stairs and floors, Bois Franc Rive-Sud designs, manufactures and installs custom-made, solid wood products. 

Our team’s vast expertise ensures that your renovation project is completed with peace of mind. 


Are you thinking about renovating your wooden staircase? Whether for a standard, open or curved staircase or simply for specific components, we have styles that you’ll love. 


Are you looking for an expert in hardwood flooring, engineered flooring or a floating floor? We have a very wide selection of products available in several price ranges!


Whether you’re looking for cherry wood, rough maple or any other wood lumber for your new project, our interior lumber yard is open to the public. 


Our experts provide a variety of services to ensure that your renovation project is successful, from start to finish. 

Expert manufacture

Custom manufacturing that meets your specific needs and specifications. 

On-site installation

Perfect installation and on-time delivery so that work can begin on time. 

Factory-finished or finished on-site 

Get a high-quality, meticulous finish to suit your tastes in terms of sanding, colour, stain and varnish.